Friday, January 14, 2011

Jimi Hendrix

"When the power of LOVE overcomes the love for POWER, the world will know PEACE."
 ♦♦♦ Jimi Hendrix ♦♦♦

Jimi is gone but certainly not forgotten.  He could set a stage on fire....literally.  A vector purchased from Shutterstock is the focal point of this painting.  Another highly textured mixed media painting with gold and silver leaf accents.  Gallery wrapped canvas over a custom built frame (31.5' X 35.5') with a high gloss UVB protectant so it can be hung in sun lite areas.  Posted as a painting in progress on FB it 'SOLD' before it was off the easel.  It is presently on loan in the Old City because the Collector lives in Middle Tennessee and is picking it up this weekend.  If you care to see it in person it is hanging in the Blue Slip Winery in the barrel room with many of my other paintings.  I guess it's time to build a frame and start another 'Jimi Hendrix Setting the World on Fire' no. 2.  Art from the ♥ Thanks for Visiting! Feel free to leave comments!

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