Saturday, January 22, 2011

Did you go to school with a SoKno Jacka%& ?

Did you go to school with a Jackass?

Did you go to school with a Jackass?  PJ Clapp is one of SoKno's most notables. I went to South and South-Young High with PJ's Sis.  One of my best memories is building our senior float at her house in SoKno.  PJ pinched me on the 'butt'...I thought it was someone else, turned around and didn't see anyone...then I looked was none other than Johnny Knoxville.  Lord have mercy.....Look where he is now.  Go Johnny Knoxville!  Our SoKno Boy!  A P.E.N. Studio Blart bout' another SoKno Artist.  SoHo is in NY....SoKno = South Knoxville, TN. So's not's SoKno....a moniker made popular with local bloggers soon to be known globally.

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