Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Back on the GRID!

The holidays.....yes, THE HOLIDAYS!!.... and taking down said HOLIDAY DECORATIONS are a real task in the household.  After carefully and meticulously repacking our indoor and outdoor HOLIDAY DECORATIONS, I finally put on MY to DO list: Paint one painting.  Yes, one painting this weekend.  The weekend turned into Tuesday after my two other TO DO lists. 

I have been off the grid for quite some time dealing with family situations.  Grateful on my part that I can still be of service to my folks.  I do get frustrated at times.  The old saying, "if Momma is Happy, everyone is Happy."  God love her.  She does rule a tight ship from her new recliner that my Bro, Sis and I surprised her with on Christmas.  Pop has an identical recliner.  They love them.  Heck, when they go to bed I go upstairs, kick back and relax in Pops chair in front of the TV.  It is the softest place to land in the humble abode in the 'hood. 

Today's offering is a painting that was frustrating to say the least.  I have not put paint to canvas in perhaps 2 years? Or So? Who knows? 

Please be kind.  Time lapse was approximately 3 hours?  That includes drying time AND the inevitable, "I hate this painting phase."  That is when you look at your work and you realize that you have invented the most spectacular color of MUD.  Out comes the paper towels (or in the warmer months) the water hose and you begin again.  Rinse, Dry and Repeat....Repeat......REPEAT!!! necessary at times. When there is snow on the ground, out comes the box fan and voilĂ ! Semi-textured tactile paintings!  Because you have rubbed, scrubbed and painted over the same canvas with countless new hues of MUD!.  "Over the weekend" turned into Tuesday.  Sigh.   I had 'lots of distractions' in the homestead habitat for hilarity.  Everyday is an adventure!

Broken Wings Can Fly

Mixed Media - Hints of Metallic Highlights - Subtly Textured 
Acrylic, Oil, Ink 16X20 Stretched Canvas
Broken Wings Can Fly Needs a New Forever Home
Surprise me with an offer....She needs to Fly Away!
I may go back and paint over it again. the more I look at it the more I dislike it.
You have to start somewhere though......I have to remember to give myself a break sometimes.
UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........Pfffffttttt.....(Profanity @#*%$%$)
Time to go outside and kick rocks pick up sticks and perhaps yell at the neighbors barking dogs.  They NEVER stop barking.  I am beginning to wonder if perhaps they have 3 or 4 packs of dogs in their basement that they rotate on a schedule.  Or maybe a pre-recorded tape set on an endless loop.  Stay inside.....cabin fever.....Go outside.....You had better have a set of aviation grade ear muffs to even sit on the back porch.  I have contacted animal control.  Nada.  I seriously think they picked up a few strays with higher pitched yelps than the other three just to miff the neighbors off.    If anyone has a humane solution to this problem let me know.  I would hate to poison the neighbors.  The wife seems like a pretty nice lady and their daughter is just adorable. 
 (Satire folks, Satire)
Can  you tell painters frustration has set in?  Frustrated because I couldn't/wouldn't paint.
Now I am frustrated because I least trying to paint...............Sigh.  I know its going to take time to get back into the flow of things.  I just want it to be like LAST YEAR already!  ☺
Time to go outside and possibly change my pattern.  Pick up rocks, kick sticks and feed the neighbors bacon.  Make that Vienna Sausages.  Why waste perfectly good bacon?  
 A nice BLT for lunch sounds better. 

Sometimes you just have to paint what is in your heart.  No preliminaries....just throw your feelings on the canvas.  It's scary to share your soul with the world.  Elementary to say the least.  I feel better though.  I needed this.  My folks aren't too thrilled.  I make a very large mess when I pull out my creative supplies.  Since I have lost my studio space my area has been reduced from a 900 square foot studio to approximately 8'X8'.  Creative creatures are very disorderly when in their visionary flow zone.  I am anyway.  Sigh........On the bright side......I let go.  I can see I need lots of practice!  Rudimentary as it may be, it was very cathartic to my artistic soul to say the least. 

Please forgive Moi' for the subpar photo's.  The photo bug in me has been off the grid as well. 

“May the Warm Winds of Heaven blow softly upon your house. 
 May the Great Spirit bless all who enter there. 
 May your Mocassins make happy tracks in many snows, 
 and may the rainbow always touch your shoulder.
~ Cherokee Blessing Prayer

From My Palette to yours......May you have a blessed and creative day!

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