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Wednesday - May 4, 2011
Watch the YouTube Video
Outside The Lines Part 1
What "Outside The Lines" is all about...

Outside the Lines is a pilot comedy show based around four very different art school students. Filmed in a mockumentary style, the show examines the dynamics of young artists' minds, perceptions, hopes, dreams, and mishaps.

Playing on the insecurities and the search for identity during those trying times as an emerging artist, Outside the Lines seeks not only entertain, but to encourage its viewers to create more art.
Watch Part 2 Outside The Lines Part 2

Today's Blart.....
Tuesday - April 5, 2011
Alma Thomas - Art in the White House

Today's Blart Find....
January 11, 2011 - The Art List

Since 2003, ► The Art List has been the leading online resource for visual artists and photographers looking for income and exhibition opportunities to enter.

Another interesting blart find .......Top 5 Social Media Super Female Heroes In North America. ► (Link)
Noteworthy is Jen Allen in the number one spot.  This savvy lady is the CEO and founder of the site ►

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