Monday, September 6, 2021

Mark Hamill Challenge

Too Funny! 

Sometimes being spontaneous in the morning can breath a bit of humor into what is now our chaotic world.


Being the goofball that I am, I posted on Mark Hamill's twitter feed after reading this article on TMZ,....

Mae the Forth be with you! 

Support local and living artisan's.....

Ummm...because those who have passed on don't need the $.

Love and Hugs from the Studio in the Hood'!! 


Monday, February 22, 2021

Time to take control of my content.....H#!! Yes!


It's time to own/reclaim my content.  Time to take control of ME and my words, my stories
and my lifelong passion of ART. 
BIGGER SIGH....sniffle.....😒

It's sad when you use social media to showcase your art, your words, your talents...
THEN you read the fine print.  Whatever you post no longer belongs to you.  
Say What? belongs to the platform where you post your words, your life
experiences, your art, your music.....your soul.

I am taking control of my life, my words, my stories and my art. πŸ’ͺ

Watch out World. PEN is crawling out from under her rock.  
Yeah..... PEN is a Gal on a mission. 

Get out of her way if you see her in your rearview mirror or your headlamp at night.

Love and Hugs from the Studio in the Hood'.
#SoKno #CopyrightPENStudio #BuyerBeware

I See YOU! 
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