Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Time to Think Color

It's Time to Think Color - © P.E.N. Studio
Over sized - Custom built frame -  Gallery wrapped canvas
Mixed Media - Textured - Colorful FABstract

I have clock works to install in the large red circle...ergo the title of the painting.  But, that is still under debate in the theater of the mind.  The gold surrounding the "thought' bubbles are actually gold leaf.  The 'thought' of this simple painting came to me when I saw a billboard on the way to a family affair.  It was five large black bubbles with a ? and one word....THINK in the largest bubble. Nothing else,  just black and white and ?THINK.   It reminded me of 'thinking bubbles' in cartoons.  Simple but, I wondered what it meant because that was all that was on the billboard.  What could it mean?  I had no clue.   That billboard  made me think about a lot of things on that long drive home.  Then an ? idea ! came to me.   Obviously my conclusion was........I thought it needed COLOR!  Thanks for Visiting! 

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