P.E.N. Studio FABstract Art

Gabrielle's Tambourine
36"X48" - Mixed Media - Highly Textured - Tactile Fabstract - High Gloss UVB Fixative

Colorful - Textured - Tactile - FABstract for the Visually Impaired  ♥ Art From The ♥

Musical Movement FABstract #309
22.5"X37.5 - Mixed Media - Vibrant, Bold Color Pallatte - Custom Crafted Gallery Wrapped Frame - Canvas Stretched & Cured In House - Al Fresco Technique Utilized in the Under painting - High Gloss UVB Protectant  ♥ Art From The ♥

As a child I have always associated bright and bold colors with happiness and joy.  A box of Crayola Crayons could transform a dull drab day into a day of sunshine.  A great deal of my work involves vibrant colors, textures and musical 'tones'.  The vibrant colors and textures are incorporated so that my sister, who is legally blind and deaf can touch the paintings and see the 'joy and happiness' in music. Vibrant Vibes FABstract is auditory art in blazing colors!

It is my goal to show her the joy that music brings into my life with a painting.  She may not be able to hear the 'music' but with my 'Tactile' Paintings she can at least see and feel the music in a different way than we do.  A 'dual sensory' painting for the visually and hearing impaired.  Listen to the art with your eyes....P.E.N. Studio Art from the ♥ All rights reserved. 

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