Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's FABstract and Daily Blart

Friday's FABstract Instrumental Movement

The complexity in this painting lies in the under paintings which consist of five layers of paint incorporated with the Al Fresco Technique.  Layers of color mixed with plaster  give the painting  a special texture.  Many of my paintings incorporate musical elements.  My childhood memories are of my brother playing the piano and trumpet with his music tutors.  I was always in awe and angst at times....sometimes you just need a nap at the age of 2, 3, &....??. Naps are still good.  And I am still in awe of Bro's abilities musically.  A great talent then and now.  Inspiration for my Musical FABstracts. Colorful "musical" tones are incorporated in honor of my Sis who is she can hear the music with her eyes.   
Friday's FABstract - (20X36) - Canvas is gallery wrapped on a handcrafted custom built frame in house at P.E.N. Studio.  Ergo the odd size.  Tis for sale!  Support local artist's and artisans.  Re-mail for pricing.
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