Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Today's Artist is  Laura Eklund

Before I even looked through her portfolio and visited her other websites, I was enthralled by her bio on Digital Consciousness

I was instantly a fan when I read this part of her bio:

"I have come to accept I am an outsider, and these days I even welcome it. I couldn't create the art I do if I thought like everyone else. Growing up in the heart of Appalachia, I was raised to understand that happiness comes from the simple, natural things in life. Not from what you have or can acquire."
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I could not have said it better if I were to describe myself. 

I was a hooked at "Bio"........
The Muse of My Name

Covering the Sun
"I guess my art is an outburst from the visions I have, and the ways I react to control and conformity, [which is not very well]. I have to feel completely free from everything to create, especially from what is considered the "norm." Several periods in my life when I lived alone I have gone into intense isolation to make art, and to get away from the people I didn't understand. Sometimes I have "visions" of paintings, where I can see the colors and forms. I start painting, and, using the skills and knowledge I have as a trained artist, I pull the paint and color into the composition to achieve unity. Painting for as long as I have, I find usually the paint will do what I want it to do, which is a very good feeling! Then the transfer from my mind to the canvas/paper "happens." I have never wanted to be anything but an artist and poet. I am also an avid reader of art history and great thinkers like John Berger and Arthur Danto. But the visions I have are at the core of my art. Growing up as a girl, and now, I have a "gift," of knowing things before they happen and reading people's thoughts. I guess you could say I have a "sixth sense," and it is very strong. I have found that acceptance and cultivation of my "abilities," has caused the continuing growth and discovery of my "abilities." I have discovered that my visions, intuitions, and the colors and forms I see are at the center of my creations. My life has been a process of dealing with this "difference" and coming to accept who I am through my art. These days, I make the art I love making, and live for the continuing growth of my existence through art. I enjoy my visions, and now through art and writing especially, I can live oustide my head. I am very happy beyond all this existential dread, and I am going to make this art until I die."  ~ Laura Eklund
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