Monday, November 19, 2012

Art blART - Art ALERT!

Today while I was searching for an artist that ends with the letter E ...... I came upon Art.  Yes, that's right Art.  This Art is absolutely BRILLIANT!  Art is simply the best in creativity! Beyond compare!  A Mastermind!  Cunning in his advertising GENIUS!  

Meet Art....., Art meet my...Lookie Lookies! 
▼▼▼

Yes, his name is Art - ► Fine Artist @ Fine Art America

He is even more clever because that isn't his real picture either.  I know!  Had me fooled too!  He is a master of disguise! Art is incredible!

I wish I had thought of that.

He is one sharp whittlin' knife. 

Smoother than Cool Whip. 

I do love a great Caricaturist's Work!  Anyone that can draw with someone literally breathing down your neck or looking over their shoulder in a crowded room or heavens forbid a Theme Park????  That rare breed of artist has all of my respect.  I would faint from the sheer terror of the situation.  I might even have to be whisked away in one of those nice little white jackets with all the pretty shiney buckles and straps. 

I would love to meet this Art Man in person, just to shake his hand.  I bet he is a Characature! (typo and pun intended) and a pretty bad one too....pun that is.... ☺  

Take a look at Art's Art! 

Thanks for visiting! 

Hope you smiled today!

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