Thursday, August 11, 2016

I will meet you on the colorful other side.........

I will meet you on the colorful other side.........

Have you ever stood in the ocean and watched a huge wave coming towards you?
You know its going to hit you. You see it coming. You can turn and spread your arms out, body surf and let it take you to shore.

But, stand there in shock. You can't move. You know what's going to happen yet you are paralyzed. The slow motion action camera kicks in.......then the panic sets in.

You are hit full on. Whipped up in the current. You can't breathe. You are rolled helplessly through the barreling surf towards shore. Rolled over and over in the surf towards shore swallowing water. 

You feel your knees and elbows hit the sand and you know what those red whelps with scraps feel like.......  They feel like you have just hit the asphalt on that first bike ride.  Then,..... and now....your are in shock.  You are washed up on the shore. Like a rag doll.  Confused....almost lifeless.  Your body aches. You are breathless and gasping for air. You are blinded by the sand and salt in you eyes. Your tears can't wash the pain away.

Yesterday was that day for me. (July 27, 2016)
How many times have you walked into a room full of people and you will see the charismatic, the boisterous people garnering attention? step back and focus, and really take in the room. You will notice that there is someone sitting in the corner. peace with herself.

She has so many people fluttering around her like butterflies. They softly touch her hand, smile and walk away. Only to return. She sits. They hug her and whisper in her ear. She smiles. They walk by and softly touch her hair. They fly by and light on her like a bee. Like a moth to the lights at night. She sits. Quietly, gentile....majestically. She doesn't know that she is the queen bee. She doesn't care. She is just.......PURE LOVE personified.

She will tell you that you are precious to her. She will teach you how to love your family and you will in turn teach your children to love unconditionally too. She will show the world that love begins and ends with faith in the Lord, honesty, integrity, perseverance and dedication to your family and friends.

You are attracted to her. Her eyes light the darkest night when she sees you. Her smiles wash away the worlds worries. Her hugs comfort you. Just knowing that she loves you is enough to get you through the most difficult and darkest times in life.

She will not falter in times of trouble. She will be there for you.

She is the flower that attracts love.

She is my Aunt.

She is resting peacefully in the loving and comforting arms of Jesus Christ.

I pray that when I grow up I can be an example of true love for everything in this, friends, a place of worship, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the earth that she toiled, the plants, the animals, the air that she breathed.

From afar I have watched you teach your family love. I have watched them love you in every way possible. You built a kingdom of love and grace around with your love and kindness.

She is a flower. A gift to this earth. A blessing to this world in times of discourse and turmoil. An example of kindness. generosity and forgiveness.

May we all strive to be the beautiful butterfly in the corner.
The Flower that is Love.

You lived a long and beautiful life. You are loved and cherished by many. Aunt Maurine I will meet you on the other side.

I love you My Sweet Aunt.

Love from the hood' to the backroads in Upper East TN 
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