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Michael Fantuz

As a self-taught artist living in Newfoundland, Canada, I work primarily in oils on canvas using only a palette knife.


Michael Fantuz

I was born in Guelph Ontario in 1978. I am primarily a self taught artist,
and derive much of myartistic passion from my fraternal Grandfather,
Gastone Fantuz, and my sincere love for painting. My grandfather was an
Italian immigrant over 60 years ago. He came to this country with very
little and quickly established himself as a highly talented and technical
artist of varying disciplines. Gastone was killed in the mid 1960's and sadly
much of his work was stolen or lost. I inherited his palette knives and easel
only a few years ago, along with a rekindled passion for art and the
intense spiritual connection I have with a man I admire.

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I moved to Newfoundland in 2002, job opportunities brought me here, and
passion has kept me.  I dearly love much of what this place has to offer, much
of what is unknown to the rest of the world.My wife, my daughters, my family,
my friends, the people and the land!! I never realized how lostI was until I
came here, but the pursuit of self discovery within this place has given me the
chance to find the things that matter, at least to me.

I truly love to paint, and I truly love this land,
I hope you see that in my work.

I am represented by the
Christina Parker Gallery in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.


No Basis for Growth
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