Friday, October 7, 2011

DeSoto - DeART!

Visting a few local arts and crafts fair recently, I happened to stumble across this DeSoto parked off the beaten path. 

After looking through some images of DeSoto's this looks to be from 1940-1949 What a tank!
Interesting Links:  ► National DeSoto Club   ► Wiki DeSoto ► 1940-1949 DeSoto Automobile

P.E.N. Studio's - DeSoto DeART !

DeSoto - Go VOLS! - Mixed Media
Pastel, Pen, Ink, Watercolor, a splash of creativity and a whole lot of heART!
© P.E.N. Studio - P. Neal Thanks for Visiting!
(Prints available - Re-mail for details)

Art from the of East Tennessee

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