Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh Hail! - Karma Chaos Love Birds

Talk about a sign!....Here was my sign.  I am doing what I am supposed to be doing even in a mass of chaos!  When I painted this it represented one thing......now it says...Yep, even in the tough times you will always have your passion....a solitary path....one on one with the art.  Now it represents a love...my love for the ARTS!   

Karma Chaos Love Birds
16X20 Oil
They are sitting calmly on a wire oblivious to the CHAOS surrounding them. 

P.E.N. Studio suffered from last weeks Tornado's that ripped through SoKno, and the Southeastern United States.  As I was picking up the pieces and cleaning up the mess, amongst the debris was this painting that I had laid on a table to dry before the storms.  The broken window pane had shattered but there was not one speck of glass on this painting.  And it was right below the window.  Glass everywhere...not on this one.  The name had to be Karma Love Birds. 

Art from the ♥ of Tennessee!
KCLB is for sale!  It needs a new home to protect. 

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