Saturday, April 23, 2011

P.E.N. Political Satire - Gathering Dust

In an effort to purge a lot of reference material for various clients I came across these comps that I had done for a small local newspaper that never made it to print.  I couldn't afford the astronomical licensing fees for the use of Mickey so the project was ditched.  I found these gathering dust and thought I would share a bit of my political satire. 

In order to understand who my pick for President was at the time......I have to explain the family political dynamics.
  • Dad = Hardcore Republican
  • Mom = Hardcore Democrat
  • Bro & his Mrs. = Hardcore Liberal Democrat
  • Sis - Hardcore Democrat
  • Son # 1 = Hardcore Republican
  • Son # 2 = Riding the Fence
  • Me = Politically Agnostic ( I don't believe in politics - more specifically politicians in general)
Being a goof and humor consumer my views keep me out of range of flying butter knives over family dinners  

Guess who I picked? 
Thanks for visiting!  Political Satire from the Foothills of the Smokies.

Disclaimer:  SKSTimes 1 & 2 have and never will be used in any way shape or form in part or in whole.  They are shared here for entertainment purposes only.  P.E.N. Studio cannot be held responsible for those who may copy and redistribute.  I have no control over what others do and the image of Micky Mouse copyright is held exclusively by Disney.  The © symbol is used above to cover the illustrative/work in creationing a piece for my client.  At the time of creation royalty free usage rights for O & M were purchased at a very nominal fee from Shutterstock.  Just trying to give credit where credit is due.  Enjoy!

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