Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New ART on the horizon....Today's blART

Today’s ART Teaser……

P.E.N. Studio is working on a new concept…..Functional FABstract Art that plays for you!

Having grown up with very unique family dynamics, my creations are ‘drawn’ from my experiences as a child in observing my siblings. My sister is deaf and my brother has an amazing musical talent. Being the baby of the family it’s only fitting that I ended up in the middle…..I’m tone deaf and can’t hold a tune to save my life. Childhood memories are of Bro’s private piano and trumpet lessons in the living room and of watching my Sis put her hand on the top of the piano to feel the music. She can keep a beat tapping her toes better than I can….It’s all about really FEELING the music. They are both amazing!

Seeing an article about art that ‘questions YOU!’ prompted me to toss out today‘s ART Teaser.
Read the article here: ► Have you ever questioned art? This art questions you on CNN.

In the meantime enjoy this P.E.N. Studio offering of the day.
Mixed Media - Oil/Acrylic - Textured/Tactile - Colorful/Bold - Musical Movement FABStract
Say that really fast 5 times in a row......☺

This painting is for sale and ships anywhere in the U.S and Canada.  PayPal Payments are available.  Please email and I will re-mail with details. 

Art from the of Tennessee
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