Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Freebie!

Friday in February Freebie Giveaway - 'Member the Mam Check'  Earrings
Post a memo to P.E.N. Studio's FB page answering this question: What is your favorite color?
The recipient will be selected at random by Godzilla and announced on Sunday.

Godzilla the Chinchilla

Friday Freebie from P.E.N. Studio.  Handmade 'Corkelry' earrings with pink hands and pink accent beads to remind a buddy and to remember to check the 'Mams'.  It's not BC awareness month but, it is the month for love.  Love yourself!  Made from a re-upcycled cork from a wine bottle.  One size fits all!  Have a FABulous Friday!   Thanks for Visiting!

We have a winner!
All the colors in the rainbow were mentioned and even some I had never even heard of ....(83 total!)  Thanks for all the emails to PEN Studio. And thanks for participating! Godzilla picked Chrome! I think he is hinting at a pint sized Harley in his Easter Basket or something...☺♥  If the Easter Bunny delivers I need to find a teeny tiny saddle bag for him to carry his raisins and Cheerios! 

Free Shipping Too!!! (Shipping in the US only at this time)


Anonymous said...

Good idea as a reminder for breast cancer awareness. thx!

P.E.N. Studio said...

We have a winner! Thanks to everyone that participated.

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