Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Rubik's Cube - Out of the 'Scratch Box'.....

The home that was P.E.N. Studio was sold and razed for development.  What once housed P.E.N. Studio consisted of over 800 sq/ft.  It has since been relinquished to aproximately 8 sq/ft.  Masterpieces are stored in various storage units around SoKno and in every crook and cranny possible in the humble abode. 

My son refers to my working space as a Rubik Cube.....boxes upon boxes contain thousands of dollars worth of art supplies and works in progress.  He said he was going to come over one day while I was out kayaking and clean house for me.  Memo to Jay:  That would surely be the death of you and a lifetime in prison for Moi'.  My ART and ART supplies are my LIFE and PASSION.    Never come between an artist and their creative outlet.  Just sayin'....... Love ya' Jay!

The creation of art is the passion. The completion of art only ignites another creation. ~ Jeffrey Breslow

Out of the box came a WIP....the eagle.  When I began scratching again it only had the eye on the board.  If you are wondering what Scratchboard it please refer to my scratchboard page
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