Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today's Whimsical Painting

It has to be fun. Whimsy and wonder are important. Keeping things light makes it easier for people to look at them.
 ♦♦♦ Heather Kent ♦♦♦

Pesky Lights.....Geezzzzz....

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Godzilla the Chinchilla
My Nocturnal Buddy

A bit about Chins and their habits….Chinchillas are largely nocturnal so they are most active at night. Sometimes they are called crepuscular, meaning their activity peaks at dawn and dusk.

One of the most interesting things about crepuscular animals is that their sleeping schedule changes with the phases of the moon. If you keep a chinchilla in a room with completely natural lighting you will find they sleep almost all the way through the night on a night with no moon, but on the nights surrounding a full moon they will seem almost completely nocturnal! A chinchilla's large eyes allow it to make the most of just a little bit of light.

Everyone loves a treat and one of Godzilla’s favorite treats are plain Cheerio’s. His hands are so small when he holds one it is just too cute!

A bit of useless trivia....the firefly is the official insect for the State of Tennessee. ☺

Today’s whimsical painting. Art from the ♥ of Tennessee !  Thanks for visiting!

More information about Chinchilla’s

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